Hardly a day goes by in my office without someone telling me that they think they have arthritis or asking questions about what causes arthritis and how it can be helped.  There are actually alot of misconceptions about arthritis so this article will help you understand what arthritis is and what you can do to prevent it.

Arthritis literally means joint inflammation.  There are several forms of arthritis with the most common being osteoarthritis which is decay and degeneration to a joint or joints in the body which can be identified with an x-ray.  Older individuals often attribute painful joints to “arthritis” but the reality is some people with osteoarthritis have pain and stiffness and some are relatively symptom free.

Osteoarthritis or joint decay/degeneration is thought to be caused by two main factors: lack of movement/stiffness at a joint or abnormal movement at a joint.  The longer a joint moves improperly or doesn’t move the more changes happen including scar tissue formation and deposits of calcium.  These changes eventually lead to the joint decay which can be seen on an x-ray.

Osteoarthritis or degeneration of the spine is particularly serious because your spinal cord and nerves travel through your spine.  Spinal decay can interfere with your nerve system and limit your brain’s ability to control and co-ordinate the organ systems and muscles of your body.  This is one of the reasons that chiropractic care of your spine to prevent decay is so important.    You can’t tell if you have spinal decay by symptoms: the only way to know is to be examined by a chiropractor.  It’s also vital to understand that many of the spinal mis-alignments that occur in childhood (falls, sports injuries) eventually lead to spinal decay in adulthood if not corrected.

Chiropractic is a unique form of healthcare of the spine and nerve system that can keep your whole family healthy.  Have you had your spine and nerve system checked yet?

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