Beat the Winter Blues

Last week while dressing my five year old in a hockey rink change room I overheard one of the other parents say that she was going to go to her doctor and request a blood test because she’d been feeling low energy for weeks.  The parent she was conversing with said “me too, I think it could even be the time of year, I always feel tired and a bit down in the winter”.  As I listened to the conversation I thought, it would be great for me to share some simple things that people can do to overcome the feelings of tiredness and sometimes depression (aka winter blues) that can set in during a long and cold winter season.  So here goes:

1. Exercise.  It’s natural to spend more time indoors during the winter and conversely less time doing activities often done outdoors.  So your  overall activity level can drop during the winter months.  It’s important to realize that the human body thrives from movement which we need everyday.  The trick for most people is not knowing exercise is good but carving out the time during the day to do so.  You could get up a half hour early and head outside for a walk or jog.  You could try to fit in a lunch hour yoga or fitness class.  If you are a senior you could join a local mall walking group.  The possibilities are actually endless, but for many a common cause of low energy and depression especially in the winter is lack of exercise.

2. Eat less/try intermittent fasting.  Eating a meal, especially a large one requires energy for digestion and shifts your body into a rest/relaxation mode.  If you are sitting around all day and eating every few hours this could be a cause of feelings of sleepiness and lethargy.  When you give your body a break from food (i.e. a fast) your body’s nerve and hormone systems switch into fat burning mode which naturally promotes alertness and energy.

3. Get involved in an exciting project!  Many people lack energy and enthusiasm and even feel depressed because they lack purpose in life.  This can even be prevalent in people who lead busy lives and are constantly focusing on family and/or employer priorities.  Often all that is needed is something new and exciting to focus on!  You could find a hobby, join a sports team or volunteer in your community.  Again there are many possibilities but the truth is we not only need physical stimulation to be healthy but mental stimulation as well.

4. Keep your brain-body connection optimized through chiropractic adjustments.  Spinal misalignment and nerve system interference can cause your body and brain to become sluggish.  Regular chiropractic check-ups and adjustments are an easy fix for this.

I’d like to leave you with a question in closing to ponder: do you think for the above mentioned woman it would be valuable for her to go to her doctor and get a blood test to find out what is going on in her body?  I put this question to you hoping you realize that a blood test is simply an indicator of how the organ systems of the body are functioning.  And the functioning of the organ systems of the body is completely under the control of the human nerve system.  To learn more, please check out my post: How to Pass Your Blood Test.

Here’s hoping winter ends soon and that you choose to feel great in the meantime!

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