If you are old enough to have watched the “Superman” movies you know who the actor Christopher Reeve is.  I’d like to share his story because it is relevant to your understanding of health and life.  In 1995 Christopher fell during an equestrian competition and shattered his C1 and C2 vertebrae, the bones directly below the skull which protect and support the brainstem and upper spinal cord.  This injury immediately blocked electricity and LIFE from flowing from his brain to his body effectively shutting down all of the muscles, organs and systems of his body.  Because his body was disconnected from his brain, Christopher required round the clock invasive medical care to keep his body alive in the form of artificial respiration, catheterization to drain his bladder, procedures to empty his bowels etc.  Because his immune system, also controlled by the brain and spinal cord was disconnected, Christopher was subject to many infections.  It was a reaction to an antibiotic he was taking for one of these infections that ended up causing his death in 2004.

If we look at Christopher Reeve’s story we can realize that he actually died after his injury in 1995 when the flow of life to his body was blocked.  He was kept alive for a few years but we can all agree that his quality of life was very poor after his injury.  What does this have to do with you?  While you may not have fractured your C1/C2 vertebrae,  you DO HAVE vertebral subluxation complex!  Subluxation, meaning misalignment of the vertebrae in your neck is like a dimmer switch shutting down the power flowing from your brain to your body.  While it won’t cause your body to shut down immediately like what happened to Christopher Reeve it is slowly robbing your body of it’s ability to function and heal which will mean less life for you today and down the road.  Science can transplant a heart, lung, kidney and other organs but your brain, spinal cord and spine are irreplaceable and need to be cared for!  When I adjust you, it is the equivalent in your body of turning the lights back on, and this is why I always say after “Your POWER IS ON!”  Please share this story with those who are unaware because their life depends on it!

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Why we’re not into Healing

“I wish that adjustment would hold forever doc” he said as he got up from the adjusting table.  “There is one time when you will not need to be adjusted anymore” I responded, “when you die!”

Our biggest passions at Clearview Chiropractic are helping people appreciate how their body functions and helping them attain more and more wellbeing.  This contrasts with the old notion of healing.  Healing implies an end point, something to be achieved and moved on from.  But this is not really accurate, because your body is always in motion.  You can be in a state free of subluxation with a functioning nerve system, or in a state of subluxation and internal dysfunction.  The longer you live subluxated, the more dysfunction, disease and symptoms you will experience.  The longer you are in a state of alignment, the more health and wellbeing you will enjoy.  But the capacity to move in either direction will always exist as long as you are breathing, because we are always subject to stresses which can subluxate us and no matter how sick we get we have the potential to move towards better function.

As you progress in your care and live more of the time free of subxluation, you will experience less and less symptoms and may be temped to refer to yourself as “better” or “healed”.  But that’s not a term we use because we know that wellbeing is something that you can continue to grow into as you become more stable in your mental and physical alignment.

We look forward to continuing to keep you free of subluxation and on the journey towards expanding enjoyment of life!


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Adjustment or Alignment?

It’s something we’ve heard A LOT in the office, especially lately.  “Wow these adjustments are awesome!  I feel so amazing afterwards!  My headaches, pains, stiffness, fatigue, digestive issues, asthma etc. have disappeared …it’s like magic!”

Please understand the there is nothing we LOVE more than to hear how amazing you are feeling now that you are getting adjusted regularly.  But allow us to interject one small but very important clarification.  What’s really awesome is what the adjustment allows: YOU IN ALIGNMENT!

You see, you are the healer, you are the being that when you are in alignment is flowing energy through your mind, brain, nerve system and body and allowing you to feel amazing.  When your spine and nerve system is working properly healing and health are the norm.  That fantastic feeling of health and wellbeing you experience when you are in alignment is who you truly are!

One other thing we’d like to point out is that alignment is NOT like a college degree!  In other words, all of us can shift out of alignment due to the stresses and challenges of life and it is precisely the purpose of regular check-ups for subluxation that help us get you back into alignment quickly.  You see, the longer we leave your spine and nerve system out of alignment the tougher it is for you body to function, and eventually symptoms and health problems will creep back into your life.  So chiropractic is not a one shot fix type of care but a process of checking you for subluxation, adjusting when & where we find you subluxated and keeping you in alignment so you can live with full power as many days of your life as possible.  And if you’re like us you may even be realizing that there is no upper limit to the amount of wellbeing that is possible for you the longer you live free of subluxation and in alignment!

We also want to thank all of you because we appreciate your help by bringing your friends and family into the office so they can experience the amazing benefits of life in alignment.  We know that it’s sometimes hard to explain to others just what chiropractic is and how it helps so often it’s easiest to simply invite others in to experience it for themselves.  Thanks for your help, we appreciate it and look forward to helping you and those you care about live LIFE IN ALIGNMENT!

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The lucky ones

“So you’re one of the unlucky ones who has to work today” he said as I slid my $5 bill across the counter to pay for my purchase.  It was Easter Monday, 6AM and I was picking up a bottle of water at a gas station on my way to the office.  Without hesitation I replied “I love my job, so actually I think of myself as one of the lucky ones who gets to go to work today.”  We exchanged smiles and off I went.  Don’t get my wrong, I do love being home with my family on weekends and holidays.  But the truth is I absolutely love being a Chiropractor and am thrilled to wake up in the morning knowing how exciting my day in the office is going to be.   Here’s why:

–         I love helping you understand that your body is made to be healthy and feel great when your power is on = when you are subluxation-free

–         I love helping your kids stay healthy by adjusting them so they can be subluxation-free

–         I love getting to meet and help your friends, family and coworkers who you and I know are looking for a way to overcome a health challenges that they have had for years

–         I love getting invited to do talks at workplaces and community groups and sharing the power of a healthy nerve system through chiropractic

–         I love that I get to work with the best Chiropractic Assistant in the Universe – Alexis!

–         I love using social media, videos and of course writing these handouts to keep you focused, inspired and expecting more health and wellbeing

–         I love knowing that helping you live subluxation-free means more years to your life and more LIFE to your years!

–         Last, and certainly not least, I love adjusting your subluxations so you can have an amazing life!

It is my sincere desire that you LOVE going to work as much as I do.  In fact, I don’t even call it work, because I have so much fun being a Chiropractor!


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Happiness is the Truth – Get amped for an energized weekend!

It’s Friday.  Are you stumbling through this day trying to get to the end of the work week? Is your weekend merely a chance to catch up on sleep and try to muster up courage for the next week ahead?  If so, please KNOW that your life can be different!

For many, the reason they feel worn out by life is because they are living with the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation complex.  What on earth is vertebral subluxation complex you ask?  Read this article to find out.  When you live with subluxation it’s like the shades are pulled down over your eyes; you may feel tired, weak or plagued by things like headaches, back pains, stiffness, poor digestion and general loss of excitement for life.  It doesn’t have to be this way though!

When you invest in yourself and see a chiropractor so that you can have your subluxations corrected, you will notice that you have more energy, stamina, power and health problems that you’ve lived with for years will disappear.  When your brain is able to send full power to your body after a chiropractic adjustment, it feels awesome!  That is the truth – that you are supposed to feel great, excited and HAPPY for every day and not just the weekend!

We can think of no better way to start the weekend than being fully amped after a chiropractic adjustment.  CHIROPRACTIC IS THE TRUTH!

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No Pain No Gain?

Sometimes you may notice some discomfort after an adjustment.  This is because the adjustments are getting parts of your spine moving that have been locked up for quite some time.  It’s kind of like beginning an exercise program when you are out of shape – you will have soreness because you have been stiff and immobile for so long!  Usually people understand this concept and it’s not much of an issue.  It can become an issue when a patient misunderstands the PURPOSE of Chiropractic care.  The purpose of corrective chiropractic care is not to relieve pain!  Yes, we just said that chiropractic is not primarily for pain relief! Let me explain:

Your nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) is 90% devoted to keeping you alive including your ability to think, move, breathe, digest and heal.   The other 10% of the nerve fibres in your nerve system are capable of transmitting pain messages to your brain.  Pain is needed as it helps us avoid things in our environment that can damage us (i.e. get your hand off the hot stove!).  This means that you cannot feel 90% of the benefit of a healthy nerve system through chiropractic care.  So our goal with correcting your subluxations is not for you to be pain free but to allow 100% of your nerve system to work properly so you can steer clear of diseases.  Now of course as your body works better a “side-effect” of your care will be less pain, stiffness and discomfort.  As one of our patients shared “I’ve noticed that when getting adjusted regularly I sometimes am a bit sore but never get sick.  When I had an interruption in my care I began getting colds and flu again.  So I realized that my adjustments make a huge difference in my overall wellbeing and a little temporary discomfort is worth it for me.”  Are you willing to put up with a little temporary discomfort if necessary to have an incredibly healthy body?

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Do you need to “learn to live with it”?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a new patient say to me “my Doctor told me I’m just going to have to learn to live with this pain/health problem”.  This is shocking to me as I believe that as a Doctor caring for the sick one must do everything they can to help their patients even if it means going outside of their current knowledge to develop new approaches.  Perhaps even more shocking is that patients accept the “learn to live with it” mentality and settle for a life experience that is so much less than they know that deep down inside they should have.

In my experience as a Chiropractor caring for thousands of patients over the years the reason people’s health challenges become chronic and in some cases lifelong is that 1. The patient (and even Doctor) is missing the fundamental cause of the problem.  If the cause is (and most times it is) that you are not healing due to a disconnect in your nerve system (vertebral subluxation) then all the drugs, diets, exercise plans and surgeries in the world are not going to help you.

2. From a chiropractic standpoint, the critical factor is the amount of time you are living without nerve interference, which is the relationship between the number and intensity of physical, chemical and mental stressors you experience and how often you are adjusted (i.e. if your life is very busy and stressful than you need to be adjusted frequently enough to ensure that you are not going for days or weeks with often unfelt nerve pressure).  If I as a Doctor of Chiropractic can adjust you frequently enough to keep the pressure off your nerve system most of the time than there is no limit to the healing that can happen for you.  Here at Clearview Chiropractic the only thing we believe you should have to live with is a life of fantastic wellness!

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What State Are You In?

A human being can exist physiologically in two states:


IN ALIGNMENT means to have one’s spine and nerve system in proper order allowing electricity and information to flow from brain to body and body to brain to allow for health and healing.

the SUBLUXATED state occurs when the spine and nerve system are out of alignment causing interference with proper function of the muscular and organ systems of the body leading to an individual that is unable to adapt to the stresses of life.  What this means is that when you are SUBLUXATED your ability to think, respond, move, exercise, digest, rest, fight off illness and feel good is compromised.

The specific Chiropractic adjustment you receive in this office takes you from a SUBLUXATED state to a state of ALIGNMENT, where your body can function properly and efficiently leading to a better you!

There exists another state of subluxation – not found in the spine but in the mind.  This SUBLUXATED state interferes with one’s hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals, life and health as well.  The most important thing one can learn in life is how to correct the mental state of SUBLUXATION and to allow for mental ALIGNMENT.  When you are in ALIGNMMENT physically and mentally you can experience wonderful, abundant and joyful physical and mental wellbeing.

On Monday March 3rd at 6:30PM at Clearview Chiropractic, join us as Dr. Pete will introduce the concept of mental alignment and how you can identify your mental subluxations that are holding you back from the life you desire.  This evening will be no charge to patients of Clearview Chiropractic and their guests. We ask that you please sign up for this event at the front desk and indicate the number of guests you will be bringing.  We look forward to continuing to keep you in ALIGNMENT, physically and mentally!

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Living the Dream

One of my dreams as a young boy was to play organized ice hockey.  I didn’t end up getting that opportunity as a kid but did learn to skate and eventually got to play some fun intramural hockey in university.  While I loved skating and playing I often had to deal with back and foot soreness while on the ice as well difficulty getting my body into the correct position for stops, turns and other skating maneuvers.  My passion to play hockey got pushed to the backburner over the past 10 years as I was consumed with starting a practice and a family!  I hadn’t been on the ice at all over this time except to help coach my kids who’ve began playing minor hockey.

At the start of this year I signed up for an adult powerskating/hockey skills class at a local rink.  I’ve been to a few classes and I can tell you that I’m having a blast – reliving my childhood or perhaps more accurately in my case, finally getting to live one of my earliest dreams!  I’ve noticed too that I have not felt any back or foot pain on the ice or after practice and I can maneuver my body into the correct positions to do sharp turns, crossovers and stops with much greater ease and agility than I could when I was younger.  I’m so excited that I can now pour my energy and enthusiasm into developing my hockey skills over the next ten or twenty years knowing my body has what it takes!

If you are wondering at this point why I can skate with no pain and much better performance than when I was younger I can tell you what the answer is for me.  In my childhood and teenage years I was living with subluxation – I had misaligned vertebrae in my spine that were interfering with the nerves carrying signals from my brain to control and co-ordinate my body.  Today I am living most days free from subluxation – because of my commitment to have my spine checked and subluxations adjusted once per week.  I also went through an initial twelve month intensive chiropractic care program back in 2005/2006 to correct and stabilize the subluxations that I’d had since birth (my first subluxation came from a forceps delivery!).  I’m sharing this story with you for several reasons:

  1. I’m not only a chiropractor – I’m a chiropractic patient too.  Everyone deserves to be subluxation free!
  2. Quality of life is very important to me as I’m sure it is to you too.  I find it unacceptable to miss out on fun life experiences and dreams because of subpar health, especially when this is not necessary because the problems can be corrected by getting adjusted.
  3. Please share these ideas with your friends, family and colleagues because I’m sure many of them have given up on sports, hobbies, fitness and travel goals because of health limitations that could be overcome if their subluxations were corrected!
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Are you strong or weak on the inside?

A few weeks ago those of us in Southern Ontario experienced a pretty nasty ice storm which caused property damage and power outages that made the holidays even more stressful than usual!  My son Christopher and I were out for a drive the next day and had the opportunity to survey the damage.  We noticed that some trees and tree branches had snapped and fallen while other similar looking trees in the same area were holding strong under the weight of the ice.  I’m sure that if you and I looked at these trees before the storm we’d have no way of knowing which ones were actually weak in their inner structure and were likely to fail under the stress of the ice.  I think this is the exact situation with the people in our community with regards to health status.  We can’t tell by simply looking at a person from the outside who feels “okay” how well their body is functioning inside and know if they harbor an inner weakness that makes them susceptible to sickness and injury under stress.

Fortunately the profession of chiropractic has the technology and expertise to discover which people who while they may look and feel fine are actually living with an inner weakness called vertebral subluxation complex, or subluxation for short.  Subluxation refers to spinal vertebrae out of alignment which are interfering with brain, spinal cord and nerve function to the degree that one’s organ and muscular system function is weakened.  Now if we take a person who is living with subluxation and we subject them to increased stress, be it more job responsibility, a busier family life, an intense workout schedule etc. then this may result in dysfunction and even failure in the areas of their body deprived of normal nerve supply.  When the illness or injury occurs it may be a surprise to the individual but we’d have been able to predict this if we’d first known that they were living with subluxation causing nerve system interference.  Fortunately none of us need live in fear of this inner weakness as we all have the opportunity to be checked for subluxation by our chiropractor.  Doctors of chiropractic are the only trained and licensed professionals capable of correcting subluxations.  As you have your subluxations corrected and get checked regularly you have the incredible opportunity to be one of the first group of human beings in all of history to live subluxation-free, which means your body will be working at it’s full potential in terms of being injury and illness resistant!  I can’t stress enough that the only way to know if you have subluxation is to be checked regularly by a chiropractor – pain or symptoms always come after the subluxation and not before.  Start 2014 right – get checked for subluxation today!

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