Case Studies

Case Studies

Case # 1 – Chronic Headaches

A 42 year-old woman came to our office with daily headaches for many years and was also experiencing neck pain and excessive menstrual pain.  Chiropractic examination revealed the presence of vertebral subluxation (mis-alignment and loss of motion) in her neck.  Her x-rays shown here revealed Phase II damage from C5-7 along with loss of normal cervical curve (normal indicated by the black solid line).  She begain a program of corrective Chiropractic adjustments and here’s what changed in her words:

“Right after my first adjustment I immediately felt so much relief…I felt like a little girl again.”

She has been receiving adjustments for three months and states her health changes:

“I no longer have headaches and the menstrual cramps have dramatically decreased.  I wasn’t previously educated in the area of what a Chiropractor does but now that I am feeling the benefits I will express and urge everyone to get adjusted!”  Nema P, Hamilton ON

Case # 2 – Upper back pain, headaches, low energy, digestive problems

This patient tells her story best:

“Once upon a time, I didn’t hurt. But when I first came to see Dr. Pete just over a year ago, it had been so long since I hadn’t that I couldn’t remember what it felt like. I had suffered from chronic upper back pain for over 8 years at that point. Sometimes acute and debilitating; sometimes stiff and achy; always there.

When I first began to experience pain, I didn’t know the reason. I went repeatedly to the doctor. When that didn’t work, I went to the emergency room. I had a young child that I couldn’t even pick up at times because I was too consumed by pain. Pain that radiated through the nerves until I felt like my entire chest was on fire and each breath I took added another flame. Painkillers did nothing.
I was at my wit’s end when I decided to try a walk-in clinic. The doctor there referred me for physiotherapy and I thought, ‘finally…something will be done.’ It was determined that I had stiff vertebrae in my upper back and I was shown stretches and exercises to do several times a day to keep the muscles from becoming inflamed. I was in my third session when the massage therapist decided we needed to try to manipulate movement back into the vertebrae. The pain I experienced that day was wrong and overwhelming. I made it as far as three blocks before I was vomiting into a garbage can outside the bus station. I would never return for another appointment.
The most amazing thing about the human body is its ability to adapt, whether it is for good or for bad. I adapted to the pain, developed a tolerance for it and resigned myself to living with it for the rest of my life. Each day, I would end up exhausted, stiff, sore. And as the years passed, that stiffness began to spread. If I limited the range of motion in my upper back, the muscles didn’t become inflamed and the pain was tolerable. This was my life. It wasn’t a healthy life, but it was my life.
The most amazing thing about the human spirit is its ability to retain hope that there may be a better way, a better choice, a better life. I had thought about chiropractic in an abstract way on and off over the years. It was too much money…there was too much controversy. But one day at the festival, I walked past a booth for Clearview Chiropractic. I walked past…then stopped and walked back. It changed my life.
Some people choose chiropractic because they know of and believe in the overall health benefits it brings to a body. Some of us choose it, in the beginning, as a last resort…a shot in the dark. The knowing comes later for us.
The first several adjustments brought tears to my eyes. Three days a week. It hurt to start. I had several seized vertebrae by this time; some deterioration had begun. So I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt. It did and my eyes watered some.
After that, though, the tears in my eyes were for another reason. Because, one day, I felt relief. The first bit of relief I had felt in the better part of a decade. I laid there and felt a small ‘pop’ and it felt wonderful. When your body begins to work again as it was meant to, it feels even more wonderful.
The pain was the constant focus for me so that initial relief was the most prominent point. Sometimes I’ll be doing something and I catch myself cringing, waiting for that first hot flame to ignite. Just over a year ago, it would have. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. And there were other changes that I noticed still. My headaches became less severe and then less frequent. My energy levels began to climb some. The numbness I sometimes experienced in my toes went away. Digestion came quicker and heartburn occurred less frequently.
Too often I hear people say they tried chiropractic for a few weeks and didn’t think it worked. Years of subluxations creating damage cannot be corrected in a few weeks. And once the problems are corrected, regular adjustments are needed to maintain that healthy alignment for a healthy body.
My spouse and my son started their corrective plans shortly after I began mine. They have now both moved into a wellness program. We are still working some on correcting the state I had let my own self get to. I take responsibility for that negligence…I didn’t know then what I know now. I still stiffen up sometimes and my neck still doesn’t sit right, but know that we can try to work to a point where these are no longer issues. When we have finished correcting the mess I made, we’ll move on to a wellness program.   Now that I can remember what it feels like to be healthy, I won’t let it slip away.”                                                                                                                                  Amanda P, Hamilton, ON

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