Chiropractic and Cancer

Abnormal and uncontrolled growths in the human body are collectively known as cancers.  The burden on our society from cancer is great: at any given time there are many people suffering with this disease and a great deal of financial resources are used in diagnosing and caring for cancer patients as well as researching this frightening illness.  Current medical options for cancer care are usually limited to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or some combination of these.  Although these treatments can be useful they are often devastating to patients and their families due to their toxic and invasive natures.  Little is offered in the way of prevention of cancer or it’s re-occurrence, or as one of my patients so aptly stated “they will do nothing for you until you until the lump reappears”.

While billions will be spent in the coming years researching to find a “cure”, there is another way to look at cancer.  This involves recognizing that a properly functioning body has it’s own defense mechanisms against cancer that prevent many people from ever experiencing this disease.  For many years scientists have recognized that a healthy functioning immune system can recognize cancerous cells and eliminate them especially in the early stages of cancer.  Unfortunately the very medical treatments that are used to treat cancer can suppress the immune system thereby further limiting the body’s self-healing capacities.  One overlooked factor in cancer initiation and progression is the function of the body’s master system: the nerve system.  Scientists are beginning to recognize that imbalances in the function of the nerve system can be the factor that actually causes the abnormal immune system function that allows cancers to flourish.  These scientists are only now learning what chiropractors have known for over 100 years: that an improperly functioning nerve system can be related to any health problem a human being can face!

As a practicing Chiropractor I have had the opportunity to care for numerous patients with various cancers.  Chiropractic care for patients with cancer can be immensely valuable because relieving unseen pressure in the nerve system (vertebral subluxation complex) can allow restoration of normal nerve and immune system function which can go a long way in aiding recovery.  In addition I have cared for patients in the later stages of cancer progression where chiropractic care helped these individuals to be much more comfortable and mobile and get the most out of their lives.  It is important to note that as with any patient undergoing chiropractic care adequate examination and adjustment procedures must be undertaken to ensure the optimal patient experience and results.

Chiropractic care can be an extremely useful healing art for patients dealing with cancer or for those who want to prevent cancer.  If you are curious to see how your nerve system is performing see a chiropractor today and get checked for vertebral subluxation complex.  It may be the wisest investment in your health that you ever make!

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