Chiropractic: You have to go forever/it’s only temporary relief!

Surely you’ve heard, “once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going to feel good” or “it’s only temporary relief” or some version of this idea.

Here’s the truth: A chiropractic adjustment opens up the communication between brain and body by clearing a subluxation – a misalignment in the spine.

When you are subluxated, it’s like a dimmer on a light switch.  The dimmer has a resistor in it that restricts the flow of electricity thereby dimming a light; just the same way a subluxation resists the flow of nerve energy/electricity to the organs and tissues of your body.  When we adjust you, the power is restored.  Now what will invariably happen is the stresses of your life: sitting, standing, work, exercise, mental and emotional tension will cause the subluxation to return.  What is key is for the chiropractor to figure out the rate at which a person subluxates at a given point in their life.  So if a new person comes to my office with subluxations that have been uncorrected for many years plus lots of daily stresses then when I adjust them they are only going to hold that adjustment for a few hours or a day.  What else would you expect? That’s why for these people we’d need to see them every day or two in the beginning of their care to keep the pressure off their nerve system, keep the flow of nerve signals from brain to body, thereby giving them a chance to heal and return to healthy function.  As the person’s spine and nerve system begin to stabilize they won’t subluxate as often so they may only need to be adjusted twice or once every week to keep the power flowing between brain and body.  This really goes to the purpose of chiropractic care: it is not to relieve symptoms with an adjustment.  It IS to maintain full brain-body connection to allow for the healthiest version of you possible!

You can see that with chiropractic just like anything else in life consistency is required for maximum benefit.  You can’t workout once a month and expect to be fit, you can’t go to work once a week and expect to be wealthy.  I could go on but I think you get the point!  Thanks for reading and giving us the opportunity to help you live your best life through chiropractic!


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