Chiropractic Trial or Lifestyle?

What is Chiropractic to you?

Is it a therapy, to be tried over a few weeks or months to see if it will help with your headaches, back pain or sciatica?

Or, is Chiropractic a unique philosophy of health and life that has to do with maximizing your performance physically, mentally and spiritually from birth to death?

Chiropractic IS about checking YOU for vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) and correcting it with a chiropractic adjustment, and doing so on a regular basis.  Vertebral subluxation complex interferes with your brain-body connection and interferes with how you move, think and feel as well as how your muscles and organs function.  If you enter into chiropractic with a health problem you may find that under chiropractic care you get well.  But that doesn’t mean chiropractic is only for people who are ill or is to be tried to see if it will work for your condition.  Chiropractic is for all ages and all levels of apparent health and function.  Children can have subluxation interfering with their performance physically, mentally and spiritually and it’s up to you as their parent to get them checked.  Chiropractic is about keeping your spine moving and aligned so that your nerve system works to it’s potential which is necessary for health and quality of life.  Ideally one should have their spine and nerve system checked by a chiropractor every week or two.  It’s really not a great idea to live with subluxation and nerve interference for more than a few weeks if you don’t have to.

I’d like to encourage you to think of chiropractic not as a trial for a problem but rather a lifestyle that goes along with other healthy habits such as exercise, nutrition, stress relief and positive thinking.  If you desire consistent health and wellbeing than the chiropractic lifestyle is for you and your family!

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