Coffee, cravings and Chiropractic!

One of my patients’ who has been getting adjusted for a few months said to me yesterday that she’d noticed she has less of a craving for coffee.  She wondered if it had anything to do with her adjustments.  It does!  Chiropractic adjustments correct nerve interference which may be affecting the efficiency of your body and brain.  A body that is more energy efficient works and feels different than one that is suffering under the effects of vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment).

A cervical (neck) subluxation can cause decreased brain blood flow and lack of energy/electricity flow to the body’s cells.  Cells that are not getting their adequate nerve supply are sluggish which could relate to a feeling of general fatigue and perhaps cravings for fat, sugar and coffee in excess.  Don’t get me wrong; I love coffee just as much as anyone but if you need coffee so bad that you can’t function without it then it could be pointing to an insufficiency somewhere in your body’s systems.  One possibility here is lack of blood flow to the brain due to neck subluxation which can cause feelings of having a foggy head, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.  If you have difficulty with some mental functions AND have neck or upper back pain than you most certainly are suffering from neck subluxations.  When your neck is adjusted to correct the subluxation, blood flow to the brain is likely normalized and more power is flowing to your body.  If you’ve had a good neck adjustment in your life you’ve probably noticed right after that you feel more at ease, better able to think and concentrate and perhaps even feelings of increased energy.  To sum it up my patient is likely experiencing a diminished craving for coffee because her brain and body are working with more efficiently because the chiropractic adjustments she is receiving are correcting the nerve interference she was suffering with.

Here’s an excerpt from an early chiropractic research text that helps us review how you function differently after an adjustment:

“Each time you receive an adjustment, check the following four conditions:

  1. Did you notice your head felt clearer as though a load had been lifted?
  2. Did you feel a warm glow over your body, especially hands and feet?
  3. Was there a tired feeling of lassitude or exhaustion afterwards?  If there is, rest as much as you can, for it is in such periods repairing, rebuilding and recuperation are working at their best.
  4. Did you feel a slight hunger after your adjustment?  If so it is your body demanding more food to begin an intense period of building healthy tissues.”

Isn’t it wonderful that a chiropractic adjustment can unleash the healing power in your brain and body!

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