Consistency Matters!

I’ve noticed in my years of chiropractic practice that the most important factor relating to positive health changes under chiropractic care is consistency.  My goal for my patients is for them to live healthy and vital and I help them do so by keeping their nerve system free of interference through regular chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises.  Every chiropractic program of care in my office is designed specifically for the needs of the individual patient.  Factors that need to be taken in account include:

1. The state of a person’s spine/nerve system when they start care (i.e. previous traumas, injuries, stresses)

2. How much stress the individual is under day to day, which obviously can change as they move through life

Insufficient chiropractic care (i.e. not frequent enough adjustments) will cause a situation where the individual is subluxated (spine out of alignment and pressure on nerves) more often than not, with their nerve system not functioning well most of the time.  This will mean poor results, slow healing and a mediocre chiropractic experience at best.  That’s why I’m sure to tell me patients exactly what they need in order to stay subluxation free!

Incidentally I recently learned a new and easy way to communicate the three causes of vertebral subluxation: the “three T’s”

1. Trauma – car accidents, falls, sports injuries, poor posture, birth trauma such as forceps or vacuum extraction

2. Toxins – include drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoke, pollution, excess food

3. Thoughts – specifically negative or stressful thoughts

If you have or continue to experience one or more of these “three T” causes of subluxation then you need to get your spine checked by a chiropractor today!

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