Could you run your body for five minutes?

Imagine if you had to run your body for a day.  Could you do it?  Just for fun, let’s go through the “to-do” list you’d need to run your body for just the first five minutes when you wake up in the morning.

So your alarm just went off.  What do you have to do?

1. Send messages from brain to muscles of eyes to open your eyes.  Easy enough for step one.

2. Turn on parts of brain to translate light energy received by eye cells into a picture that will help you understand visually where you are in relation to other objects in your room.

3. Send messages from brain to heart via spinal cord in neck and nerves through upper back to signal the heart to begin to beat faster and stronger in anticipation of rising out of bed.

4. Send messages from brain to arm, leg and trunk muscles to initiate rising from lying position to standing position.

5. Send messages from brain to spinal cord and muscles to maintain standing posture beside bed.

6.  Monitor blood pressure via nerve sensors and adjust to appropriate for standing posture via signalling heart and blood vessels.

7.  Monitor blood sugar level and if too low begin have brain signal liver to release stored glucose into blood.

8. Check in with body temperature sensors and have brain signal areas to change circulation and hormones to reach/maintain proper core temperature.

Had enough?  Hopefully from this exercise you can see how overwhelming a task it would be to run your body for just a few minutes in the morning.  Yet all day, while you are awake and while you are asleep you have a magnificent intelligence controlling all the functions of your body and helping you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, move, breathe and heal.  Can you appreciate that you are a machine designed for well-being!

I hope you can also appreciate that the one system that keeps your body functioning the way it needs to is your brain, spinal cord and nerves, collectively known as your nerve system.  Your nerve system is continually flowing energy and information to all the parts of your body to keep you alive and well.  When this system is operating correctly there is very little for you to do to stay healthy: you need to move once in a while, eat once in a while and rest once in a while.

When physical, chemical or emotional stresses shift your spine out of alignment the nerve signals from brain to body are blocked resulting over time in a malfunctioning body (pain and disease).  Doctors and practitioners have come up with all manner of pills, potions and procedures to try and compensate for the effects of mis-alignement in your spine but don’t you think it so much simpler to correct the mis-alignment and let your body function the way it is designed to?  That’s what I do as a Chiropractor: release the interference to nerve flow in the spine and ALLOW healing and well-being to return.  Simple, yet so profound.  I hope this post helps you gain a new appreciation for the amazing spiritual-electrical-chemical-mechanical being that is you and what it is capable of when the nerve energy is flowing!

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