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As many of you are aware I fancy myself to be quite the coffee connoisseur.  In my quest for the perfect brew I’ve recently discovered the Nespresso brewers which to my taste makes a terrific cup of espresso.  I’ve been scouring the internet researching these machines to discover which one will be best for me.  One of the selling points the manufacturer makes is the energy efficiency of the models which decrease their power use when not brewing.  It seems everywhere we look today the trend is toward energy efficiency so we wisely use the resources on planet earth.  This got me thinking about energy efficiency in terms of our bodies and how chiropractic care relates.


If we take an individual with several health problems, let’s say in the muscles of their legs and their digestive system, we are literally dealing with millions of cells (the tiny building blocks of our body) that are dis-eased.  Assuming we had the technology to do so, just imagine how much time and energy it would take to go into the body and fix each cell one by one.  The cost to do so would also likely be astronomical.  A much better approach is to have the intelligence of the body do the repair and remodeling which it is most certainly qualified to do.  This is what makes chiropractic care so unique and extremely valuable.  We can move a bone at the top of the neck back into place and unleash your body’s power to flow through your nerve system.  To do an adjustment takes only seconds but the healing effects ripple through your body for a long time after allowing your cells, tissues and organs to be repaired saving many action hours and an almost incalculable amount of money.  To understand this we just have to look at the state of our current “health care” system.  The hospitals and M.D.’s offices are full of people with numerous health problems and a great deal of time, money and man/woman hours are spent trying to address every disease process and symptom.  Chiropractors instead locate the vertebral subluxations preventing your body from healing and make the adjustments that allow your body to do the real work of healing better than any pill, surgery or therapy can or ever will.  I love that chiropractic is the most energy efficient health care and prevention option we have on the planet right now.  Getting more people’s nerve systems and bodies healthy through chiropractic care could save us billions of dollars and much unneeded suffering.  It would also amplify our society’s wellbeing and creativity tremendously.  That is why I am so passionate about getting this message out to the masses while keeping you and your family subluxation-free.

To sum it up, while new coffee gadgetry makes life wonderful, it is nothing compared to how wonderful life is with chiropractic!

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