Flip the Switch

There’s a trend today in the fields of fitness and nutrition that focuses on how certain exercises and foods trigger hormonal responses in the body.  For example, eating a meal of carbohydrates or fats causes release of insulin, a hormone that among other things can shift your body towards fat storage mode.  For another example, doing resistance training can cause release of testosterone and growth hormone, which can help build muscle and burn fat in the hours and days after your workout.  This type of thinking contrasts with how we used to think about diet and exercise which mainly looked at the type of diet or exercise without considering the adaptations your body would go through in the minutes and hours after the meal or exercise and whether or not those adaptations would help you reach your health goals.

I look at the chiropractic adjustments that I perform on my patients in a similar fashion to how diet and exercise are looked at today.  In other words I am concerned with the changes that occur in the function of your muscles, nerves, brain, hormonal and immune systems in the minutes, hours and even days after your chiropractic adjustment.  It’s important to take into consideration your body’s limitations and find just the right amount of care that removes the nerve interference and avoid doing too much which can actually be a stress on your body just like overtraining or overeating.  What I really want to do for you each visit is find the vertebrae in your spine causing the most nerve interference, do a corrective spinal adjustment and then let you go on with your day while your body heals.  It’s kind of like flipping a switch, it only takes a second but then your power is on!  It’s not uncommon for patients to ask me “is that it?” after their first adjustment because it doesn’t take alot of time.  But your chiropractic adjustment does allow your body to function, heal and re-create better in the minutes, hours and days that follow.

Here are just a few of the ways your body works better after we “flip your switch” by correcting your spinal subluxation with a chiropractic adjustment:

– greater muscle strength and co-ordination (better & stronger workouts, less likelihood of     injury)

– relaxation of abnormally tense muscles (decreased tension)

– improved brain and nerve function (more creative)

– improved organ function (potential for better digestion & absorption of nutrients, better circulation and breathing, improved blood composition)

– decreased general body inflammation (decreased pain and stiffness)

– decreased stress hormone output (better healing)

– improved immune system function (less colds/flu)

– release of natural endorphins (your body’s “feel good” chemicals) = you feel great!

Have you been checked for subluxation today?  It only takes a minute but the benefits to your entire body are long lasting!


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