How to get rid of health problems

Want to know the secret of how to get rid of back pain, headaches, acid reflux, reproductive issues, even cancer and heart disease?  DON’T GET THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Now I can hear you saying “Dr. Pete, that is useless advice because what do I do now that I have a problem?”  Well you may have a problem now and of course there are things that can help but what I really want you to think about is the concept of staying in alignment so that you don’t get so dysfunctional and dis-eased that health problems show up.  And I can tell you from many years of experience with patients and even myself that it is actually easier, cheaper and less time consuming to just stay healthy by choosing to live subluxation-free than to wait until you FEEL a problem.  You have to realize that by the time you can feel a symptom your body has been subluxated and malfunctioning for days, weeks, months or years.  So logically if we can correct the subluxation BEFORE you get sick that is the BEST option.  That is IF quality of life and health are of value to you.  A study that will soon be published in the journal Brain Research demonstrated that following a chiropractic adjustment there was an improvement in strength and electrical activity of muscles (watch this video to see a demonstration of this).  This was found in people who did not have symptoms (i.e. they felt fine before they were adjusted).  But this does imply that even though they felt no symptoms they were subluxated and their body was not performing at 100%.  The longer your body is forced to operate at less than 100% brain to body communication the more likely health problems will show up.  So would you rather spend a bit of time and bit of money every week or two to keep your body functioning at 100% or would you rather wait until you are sick and then spend lots of time and money to get back into alignment?  Not to mention the interruption in your life that is required if you become sick – you may not be able to work, exercise, care for your family and enjoy life!

Staying healthy is actually easier than you think with chiropractic care.  And please remember not to forget your children because they also can’t tell if they are subluxated and who wants their kids to be sick?  When your kids are sick then multiple people are affected – your child plus your stress of having to see your child suffer and care for them!

If you are reading this chances are you already are investing in a healthy today and tomorrow through chiropractic care.  If not then do yourself and your family a huge favor and hire a chiropractor to take care of you…FOR LIFE!

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