Healing Takes Time

One of my most important jobs as a Chiropractor is helping people understand that healing takes time.  On the surface this may seem obvious to you but when confronted with a patient who has been suffering my skills as a communicator are put to the test to help them understand that they may have to wait a little while before they can feel better.

In the discussion of healing it’s also worth defining terms such as healing, pain and suffering.

Healing = reconstruction of diseased/damaged tissues that is directed by your body’s intelligence flowing through your nerve system

Pain = the experience of some type of physical discomfort as the nerves are relaying info to the brain about a damaged/diseased tissue

Suffering = the subjective experience of feeling awful, which has in addition to pain an emotional component.  When an injury/illness is compounded by feelings of fear and hopelessness, the person is suffering.

Chiropractic care is aimed at correcting vertebral subluxation (VSC) so that your brain can connect to your body and allow your muscles, organs and other tissues to repair.  This takes time; sometimes weeks or months.  This can be understood because the disease and damage in your body tissues often took place over weeks or months or even in some cases years, so reconstruction of the tissues from abnormal to healthy takes time.  But what about your pain and suffering?  My new patients often want to know, “how long until my sciatica goes away, or when will I have less migraines?”  My most honest answer to these people is, “I don’t know!”  As your doctor I will do whatever I can on each visit to relieve as much nerve interference as possible so you can heal.  As the misalignment, inflammation and tension correct with each adjustment you will begin to feel better and notice your body working better.  As far as the suffering goes, how long you suffer is completely up to you!  That’s right, you may not be able to control your pain or the rate of healing in your body but the time it takes to stop suffering is simply the time it takes to go from a feeling of anxiety to ease, and from despair to hope!  This is another reason why I always educate my patients before doing any care for them because they need to fully understand the power of chiropractic and the power of a properly functioning body connected to it’s source.  When you understand these two things it will be easy for you to believe in your natural birthright: health and healing!

To sum it up the healing of your body may take time and you may need to dedicate weeks or months to corrective chiropractic care but you can feel better as soon as you make the decision to move toward wellbeing in thought and action!

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