Why we’re not into Healing

“I wish that adjustment would hold forever doc” he said as he got up from the adjusting table.  “There is one time when you will not need to be adjusted anymore” I responded, “when you die!”

Our biggest passions at Clearview Chiropractic are helping people appreciate how their body functions and helping them attain more and more wellbeing.  This contrasts with the old notion of healing.  Healing implies an end point, something to be achieved and moved on from.  But this is not really accurate, because your body is always in motion.  You can be in a state free of subluxation with a functioning nerve system, or in a state of subluxation and internal dysfunction.  The longer you live subluxated, the more dysfunction, disease and symptoms you will experience.  The longer you are in a state of alignment, the more health and wellbeing you will enjoy.  But the capacity to move in either direction will always exist as long as you are breathing, because we are always subject to stresses which can subluxate us and no matter how sick we get we have the potential to move towards better function.

As you progress in your care and live more of the time free of subxluation, you will experience less and less symptoms and may be temped to refer to yourself as “better” or “healed”.  But that’s not a term we use because we know that wellbeing is something that you can continue to grow into as you become more stable in your mental and physical alignment.

We look forward to continuing to keep you free of subluxation and on the journey towards expanding enjoyment of life!


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