How to Stay Healthy

Last week I was listening to a podcast of a pastor who posed this question to his congregation: “what is better, healing or health?”  I’d like to pose this question to you right now, what is better, healing or health?  If you give it some consideration, I think you’ll realize that health is better than healing!  Here’s what I mean: Though all of us will go through some health challenges through a lifetime we really don’t want to be on a roller coaster of continual ailments and suffering with brief reposes from a miracle drug, surgery or even chiropractic adjustment.  While it’s true that when we feel unwell we regain our appreciation and desire for wellness, what we really want is to spend most of our life being healthy!  So my goal with this post is to inspire you to consistent health rather than waiting for you to become sick before doing anything to safeguard your wellbeing.

I’ve found over the years personally and as a doctor that the best way to stay healthy is to have a few, simple, sustainable routines that keep your body and mind functioning optimally.  Here are the best routines I’ve found to keep you feeling great:

1. Regular exercise.  While fitness fads come and go you can’t beat moving your body every day for twenty minutes or more if you have time.  Walk, jog, lift weights, do yoga.  Keeping your body active has tremendous benefits for mind and body wellness and anybody can do it!

2. Don’t eat too much! Diet is another tremendously controversial area and what is “good for you” changes all the time.  But if you can find a way to limit portions and have a good percentage of your diet consisting of produce that is organic and locally grown you are on the right track.  One technique I use personally is to fast for 24 hours one to two days per week which has many benefits including helping improve insulin resistance and allowing your body to do it’s own internal cleansing.

3. Keep your spine healthy.  This one is all too often neglected by the masses.  Maintaining your spine and nerve system health with regular chiropractic adjustments goes a long way to keeping your muscles and organ systems working correctly.  If you want to stay healthy and stay moving chiropractic care is not optional!

4. Find some simple ways to deal with stress. Meditate, go to church, pray, read inspirational books, walk in nature, do affirmations, have positive expectations, I could go on!  Find a way that works for you to guard and cleanse you mentally and spiritually from the sometimes crazy world that we live in.

That’s it!  Pick a few routines you and enjoy that are sustainable and you will be rewarded with a body that is healthy for life.

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