How to Stay Subluxation Free

This week I wanted to remind you of how to stay subluxation free.  In other words how to prevent spinal misalignments from occurring when possible.  In reality it is impossible to prevent your spine from misaligning because in order to do that you’d have to completely stop living!  So we need to be checked by a Chiropractor for subluxation regularly (every one to two weeks) but here’s a review of how to help avoid the creation of new subluxations.

In general, there are two classes of things that cause subluxations:  things that move spinal vertebrae beyond their normal limits of motion creating misalignment (i.e. accidents, falls, sports injuries) and things that cause repetitive stress or strain on the spine creating abnormal spinal alignment and loss of motion (i.e. poor posture, sitting too long, repetitive tasks at work or home).  We could say there is a third class which is chronic stress in the form of long lasting worry, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, frustration or any negative emotion.  Negative emotion causes changes in brain and muscular function that can create subluxations in your spine.  So from the above here is a list (by no means comprehensive) of things to do/not do to avoid the creation of subluxations in your spine:

  • Move daily.  Walk, jog, yoga, stretch etc.  Prevents spinal stiffness.
  • Side sleep with a pillow that keeps your head and neck straight (i.e. not too high or low).
  • Avoid sitting at a computer/in a car/in front of TV for more than 20 minutes without getting up and moving.
  • Practice taking slow deep breaths, this mobilizes your spine and ribcage.
  • When getting up from lying down roll to one side, swing your legs off the bed while pushing yourself up to sitting.  Minimizes strain associated with sitting up from a lying position.
  • Avoid extreme ranges of movement (bending/reaching) unless you are sufficiently warmed up and trained in the movement.
  • Practice good posture by sitting up with chest high, head and shoulders back
  • Avoid overtraining/overworking (excessive running, weight training, too many long days at work etc).  Causes fatigue in the nervous system which can lead to abnormal muscle function and subluxation.
  • Practice thinking more positive thoughts and letting go of negative thoughts.  If possible set aside a special time each day for mental and physical relaxation (which is different that your sleep time).

As a Chiropractor I am vitally concerned with helping your live healthy by improving your spinal health.  Please visit my facebook page for more information!

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