Kids and Chiropractic

Christopher getting a chiropractic adjustment at 18 months old.

Kids and Chiropractic

As the parents of three young boys my wife and I are learning to be at peace with injuries.  Injuries you ask?  Yes, injuries, you know, from falls on the stairs, collisions in hockey, bicycle crashes, bumps from wrestling…to name a few.  In the six short years since we had our first child Christopher we’ve seen bruises, cuts, scrapes, even a broken arm (from my son Cole who was imitating a clip he saw of Sidney Crosby doing stair training, except Cole’s stair training ended in a trip to the hospital and not to the NHL, at least not yet).  So despite the best efforts of my wife and I our kids have had some injuries, and despite our continued vigilance there may be more.

One thing however we have not had to deal with much as parents are illnesses.  Our kids are very healthy, rarely get sick or miss school, have never been on antibiotics or other drugs and do not need trips to the medical doctor (save the aforementioned broken arm).  Our kids are in excellent health.  Why is this?  It’s because of chiropractic!

You see, many childhood illnesses have their roots in spinal problems.  Spinal misalignments, known as vertebral subluxations, interfere with nerve function and prevent normal organ and body function.  Vertebral subluxations can occur from in-utero constraint (abnormal position of the fetus before birth), birth trauma (forcep birth, vacuum extraction, C-section), and of course from the multitude of possible spinal injuries that can occur from the falls, twists and bumps that happen to infants, toddlers and kids.  Research has shown that approximately 80% of all children have some degree of nerve interference due to upper neck vertebral subluxation!  Vertebral subluxations are like dental cavities in that in the early stages they may give no signs, symptoms or clues that they are present but will later if they remain uncorrected.  Since children are very resilient and are still learning to communicate as a parent you may be unaware that they have suffered a vertebral subluxation that is affecting their health.  In some cases the reason your kids are sick with things like recurrent colds, flu, fevers, colic, ear infections  or asthma may be due to uncorrected vertebral subluxation.  How will you know if this is the case?  Get your kids checked for subluxation by your chiropractor!  Chiropractors are the ONLY kind of doctor trained and licensed to assess for vertebral subluxation complex.  Your child’s first check-up for vetebral subluxation should ideally done right after birth, with regular check-ups throughout childhood.  It’s also important to note that many spinal problems in adults stem from uncorrected vertebral subluxation in childhood.  I check my boys for subluxation every week due to the repeated stresses they are under from sports, school and not so gentle play.  As a parent I feel great knowing that any vertebral subluxations my boys suffer will be corrected and will not go on to cause future health problems for them.  And there is no need for you to fear chiropractic for kids as spinal assessment and correction for babies and children is very gentle, painless and extremely safe!

So if you haven’t had your kids checked yet, book their appointment today!  You can also download the Clearview Chiropractic children’s health history form here to prepare you for your first visit.  Your kids will thank you when they are old enough to understand that a healthy spine = a healthy body!

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