Living the Dream

One of my dreams as a young boy was to play organized ice hockey.  I didn’t end up getting that opportunity as a kid but did learn to skate and eventually got to play some fun intramural hockey in university.  While I loved skating and playing I often had to deal with back and foot soreness while on the ice as well difficulty getting my body into the correct position for stops, turns and other skating maneuvers.  My passion to play hockey got pushed to the backburner over the past 10 years as I was consumed with starting a practice and a family!  I hadn’t been on the ice at all over this time except to help coach my kids who’ve began playing minor hockey.

At the start of this year I signed up for an adult powerskating/hockey skills class at a local rink.  I’ve been to a few classes and I can tell you that I’m having a blast – reliving my childhood or perhaps more accurately in my case, finally getting to live one of my earliest dreams!  I’ve noticed too that I have not felt any back or foot pain on the ice or after practice and I can maneuver my body into the correct positions to do sharp turns, crossovers and stops with much greater ease and agility than I could when I was younger.  I’m so excited that I can now pour my energy and enthusiasm into developing my hockey skills over the next ten or twenty years knowing my body has what it takes!

If you are wondering at this point why I can skate with no pain and much better performance than when I was younger I can tell you what the answer is for me.  In my childhood and teenage years I was living with subluxation – I had misaligned vertebrae in my spine that were interfering with the nerves carrying signals from my brain to control and co-ordinate my body.  Today I am living most days free from subluxation – because of my commitment to have my spine checked and subluxations adjusted once per week.  I also went through an initial twelve month intensive chiropractic care program back in 2005/2006 to correct and stabilize the subluxations that I’d had since birth (my first subluxation came from a forceps delivery!).  I’m sharing this story with you for several reasons:

  1. I’m not only a chiropractor – I’m a chiropractic patient too.  Everyone deserves to be subluxation free!
  2. Quality of life is very important to me as I’m sure it is to you too.  I find it unacceptable to miss out on fun life experiences and dreams because of subpar health, especially when this is not necessary because the problems can be corrected by getting adjusted.
  3. Please share these ideas with your friends, family and colleagues because I’m sure many of them have given up on sports, hobbies, fitness and travel goals because of health limitations that could be overcome if their subluxations were corrected!
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