Looking for Wellness in All the Wrong Places

There have been a lot of conversations in the office lately about this topic so it was really on my heart to share.  Hope you enjoy – Dr. Pete

A central idea in Chiropractic is that everything a human being needs to be healthy and feel well is inside.  Here at Clearview Chiropractic we always make sure to help our patients understand that the wellness they desire does not reside in a bottle of pills or vitamins, a special diet or therapy, but lies within.  The chiropractic adjustment releases interference to the flow of nerve energy allowing for an experience of greater wellbeing.

In a similar fashion we often think that something on the outside holds the key to our happiness and mental wellbeing.  If only we could get the right job, find the right mate, get enough dollars etc. we could finally be happy.  The truth is, happiness is a state that is natural so long as there is no mental interference in the form of negative thoughts and beliefs.  And strangely enough (this is backed up by the work of Harvard researcher Shawn Anchor) when we choose to allow ourselves to be happy, this automatically helps us attract more of the things we want such as success, money and relationships.

It’s great to realize that everything we need lies not on the outside but within.  What’s on the outside in your life is a direct result of what is going on inside.  So make it a habit to think and project positivity and find your wellness where it actually is. Within!

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