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What Can I Expect When I Come to the Office?

Your First visit (Please allow 30-45 minutes for this visit)

In preparation for your first visit please print out and complete the Clearview Chiropractic Health History.  Please bring any relevant documentation including list of medications and results of any recent tests.  At the beginning of your first visit you will meet with Dr. Angerilli to review your health history and go over your health and wellness goals.

At this point the Doctor will perform a thorough exam including:

– Postural exam.

– Testing of the alignment and movement of each of the 24 vertebrae in your spine.

– Spinal X-Rays (if necessary)

After this visit Dr. Angerilli will take time to review and throughly analyze the results of your tests and x-rays.  He will design a plan to correct spinal problems and help you reach your health goals.  When you attend for your second visit you will receive your “Report of Findings”.

3. Your Report of Findings
The first part of this visit is designed to educate you about how the human body gets well and stays well. It includes a thorough explanation of health and wellness, new scientific research, general x-ray findings, and more. Our patients routinely tell us that this presentation is the most enlightening session on health they’ve ever attended.
The second part of this visit includes your specific findings. You will see your test results, including x-rays (if taken). You will be in the unique position to understand these results based on what you learned in the first half of your visit and be able to make an informed choice about your Chiropractic care.

Dr. Angerilli will also give you more details about how long it will take to correct your problems, how often you need to be adjusted as well as the cost.  He will make every effort to work with your schedule and budget so that you can receive the care that you require.  Payment plans are offered that can make Chiropractic affordable for almost any budget.  At Clearview Chiropractic we know from experience that the best results come when the Doctor and patient work together as a team.  You can think of Dr. Angerilli as your “health coach” who will educate, motivate and inspire you so that you and your family can get well, stay well and FEEL GREAT!

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