How often do I need to get adjusted?

It’s a question that my patients often ask: “How often do I need to be adjusted doc?”  To answer this question I think it’s so important to first review the why behind chiropractic.  Chiropractic adjustments correct vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations as you know involve interference to brain body communication resulting in less strength, energy and health.  My goal for my patients is to help them live subluxation free, so that their body and life will not deteriorate due to the effects of uncorrected subluxation.  With this in mind your adjustment frequency is developed specifically to help you live subluxation free.  I take into account the state of your spinal health (i.e. a person just beginning care with longstanding subluxations needs to be adjusted more often than person who has gone though a year of corrective care and whose spine and nerve system is relatively stable) as well as the amount of stresses you are subject to each day that could cause you to subluxate (see the article on The Three T’s: trauma’s, toxins and thoughts).  Also taken into account is your experience of how you are feeling and functioning, since some of you (myself included) know that to be your best you need to be checked and adjusted no less then weekly.  We combine these with research that tells us that if a subluxation goes uncorrected for more than two weeks, changes take place in the vertebrae, joints, nerves, soft tissues and brain which make it much more difficult to correct and damaging to you.  This is really important as sometimes patients ask me: “why don’t you recommend that patients come monthly or less?”  You can see that doing so will mean that much of the time your body will be subluxated and not functioning properly and also subject to accelerated decay and aging.  I know that although all of my patients want to be healthy, at times they are concerned about making the time for their appointments and the financial investment required.  Most of you have decided that it is very reasonable to trade a few minutes each month and between $80-$160 a month to keep yourself healthy, able to work, exercise, play sports, digest properly, breathe fullyconceive and all the other wonderful things life in a healthy body has to offer.  I hope this article helps you better understand the importance of chiropractic in helping you have an amazing life!

Dr. Pete checking a patient for subluxation

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