Osteoporosis and Chiropractic

According to Osteoporosis Canada osteoporosis is a significant health concern for many Canadians and fractures from osteoporosis represent a significant burden to our society in terms of human suffering and the associated health care costs.  Most of the strategies to prevent or help with osteoporosis have focused on increasing dietary calcium and vitamin D however a recent review of research has cast doubt on the effectiveness of supplementation for prevention of bone mineral loss.  In addition, medications to attempt to improve bone density have been proven to have many worrisome side effects.

As a chiropractor I often deal with individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and are desiring to improve their bone density as well as their strength and balance to reduce the risk of fall related fractures.  How can chiropractic care accomplish this?  It all starts by understanding that the master control system in your body is your nerve system.  Your brain, spinal cord and nerves = your nerve system which forms a communication network in your body allowing your brain to control and co-ordinate the multitude of functions going on inside of you.  Among those functions include regulation of your blood calcium levels and the remodeling of bone in your body.  This explains the fallacy of attempting to improve bone density with drugs or supplements: we see that there is not enough calcium in our bones so we take in more calcium to compensate but your body will only build bone when your nerve system tells your body to do so!  Now obviously if your nerve system is working correctly it will want your bone structure to be strong and healthy but the reality is most people’s nerve systems are not working normally.  The reason for this is pressure or interference to the nerves at the spine known as vertebral subluxation complex.  These misalignments of the spine block communication between brain and body and CAN be the reason your body is not regulating itself correctly, including the bone remodeling process that is responsible for you to have healthy strong bones throughout your life. Chiropractic adjustments correct vertebral subluxations and allow your nerve system to work properly so you can be healthy.  I have had several patients (in their 60’s) recently who reported improvements in their bone density scans after beginning chiropractic care to correct their vertebral subluxations.  In addition, the research demonstrating that chiropractic care can improve muscular strength, co-ordination and balance means that a visit to the chiropractor can be what prevents you from a fall that could result in a fracture.  You may also be wondering if it is safe for you to receive chiropractic care if you have osteoporosis.  There are a variety of chiropractic techniques and approaches that are gentle, safe and effective which allows individuals with osteoporosis to have their vertebral subluxations corrected.

If you are interested in health, longevity and a properly functioning body then get checked for vertebral subluxation by the only professional trained and licensed to do so: a chiropractor!

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