No Pain No Gain?

Sometimes you may notice some discomfort after an adjustment.  This is because the adjustments are getting parts of your spine moving that have been locked up for quite some time.  It’s kind of like beginning an exercise program when you are out of shape – you will have soreness because you have been stiff and immobile for so long!  Usually people understand this concept and it’s not much of an issue.  It can become an issue when a patient misunderstands the PURPOSE of Chiropractic care.  The purpose of corrective chiropractic care is not to relieve pain!  Yes, we just said that chiropractic is not primarily for pain relief! Let me explain:

Your nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) is 90% devoted to keeping you alive including your ability to think, move, breathe, digest and heal.   The other 10% of the nerve fibres in your nerve system are capable of transmitting pain messages to your brain.  Pain is needed as it helps us avoid things in our environment that can damage us (i.e. get your hand off the hot stove!).  This means that you cannot feel 90% of the benefit of a healthy nerve system through chiropractic care.  So our goal with correcting your subluxations is not for you to be pain free but to allow 100% of your nerve system to work properly so you can steer clear of diseases.  Now of course as your body works better a “side-effect” of your care will be less pain, stiffness and discomfort.  As one of our patients shared “I’ve noticed that when getting adjusted regularly I sometimes am a bit sore but never get sick.  When I had an interruption in my care I began getting colds and flu again.  So I realized that my adjustments make a huge difference in my overall wellbeing and a little temporary discomfort is worth it for me.”  Are you willing to put up with a little temporary discomfort if necessary to have an incredibly healthy body?

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