Perfect Timing

Proper timing of functions in your body is crucial to your health and wellbeing.  Timing of body functions is of course controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nerves – your nerve system.

What can happen when the timing in your body is disrupted by blocked nerve communication, known as vertebral subluxation complex? Here are just a few possibilities;

As you are enjoying your delicious turkey dinner (yes thanksgiving is coming up) the food hits your stomach and your intelligent stomach cells begin pumping out acid to digest the protein so your body can use it.  Signals from the nerves in your stomach travel to your spinal cord and brain and an immediate response is needed contract the muscle at the top of your stomach to prevent the acid from travelling up into your esophagus.  If the timing of these nerve signals is interfered with by subluxation, the message is delayed, acid spills up and you end up with heartburn.  If this goes on repeatedly you are told you have acid reflux and may even end up on acid reducing medication which in no way addresses the real problem: the subluxation.

Here’s another example: after your thanksgiving dinner you decide to head outside and play a fun game of touch football.  Being the great athlete that you are you decide to play quarterback.  When you go to launch a deep throw to your receiver, very precise timing required by your brain sending signals to activate your rotator cuff muscles in a specific sequence to make the throw.  If you have a neck subluxation blocking the nerves to your shoulder your timing will be off.  This results in 1. a bad thrown and 2. likelihood of a rotator cuff strain.  You will conclude (erroneously) that “I guess I’m too old for sports” and go back to being a couch potato.

These are just a few ways that subluxation interfering with the timing of brain to body communication can cause illness or set you up for injury.  A chiropractic adjustment restores perfect timing in your nerve system moving your towards more wellbeing and a healthier future.  So this you Thanksgiving you won’t be the one laid out on the couch but will be fully enjoying the food and festivities because you are subluxation free

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