Preventing Illness and Injury

As thinking human beings we understand that we inhabit a cause and effect reality.  When it comes to health and illness/injury, it is important for us to know the cause that has created a particular effect in our bodies.  When I see new patients in my office they want to let me know what they believe has caused their problems, be it improper lifting, overwork, wrong diet, sensitivity to weather, bad genes, bad germs too much stress or any number of other causes that people ascribe to their health problems.  What these people are almost never considering however is that how much lifting, stress, exposure to germs etc. that is required to cause injury/illness in your body is directly related to how well or unwell your body is functioning.  And what is it that controls the function of all of the parts (muscles, organs) of your body?  It is your nerve system of course!  So a human being’s functional capacity (ability to move, work, digest, think, fight off illness) is directly related to how well their nerve system is operating at any given moment.


How this plays out day to day for people is that most people have some degree of spinal misalignment causing nerve interference (vertebral subluxation complex) which DOES NOT cause any discernable symptoms yet DOES prevent your body from functioning properly.  Now if you engage in activities such as yardwork or housework or weightlifting or if we add stress such as pressure to perform, deadlines etc., then your body’s functional capacities are exceeded rather quickly because your vertebral subluxations are preventing your muscles and organ systems from operating correctly.  What kinds of capacities are reduced?  Your cardiovascular capacity (ability to get oxygen to the cells of your body), your digestive capacity (ability to get the most out of your nutrition), your immune capacity (ability to fight off colds/flu), your muscular capacity (ability to do work/play sports), and your intellectual capacity (ability to use all of your brain’s resources).  I could go on but I think you get the idea!


So the next time you come in for your adjustment and lie down on the table I’d like you to reflect for a moment on how correcting your vertebral subluxations is going to allow you  and your brain/body to perform better in all phases of life!

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