Should I Continue Getting Chiropractic Care?

One of the main misconceptions among the general population and in the medical field is that Chiropractic is a treatment for a condition.  So a person might assume that like any other treatment, I’ll go to a Chiropractor when I have a bout of back pain or sciatica and when I get better I’ll be done with Chiropractic care.  Sounds reasonable as this is how the medical treatment model works.  I take this pill or this therapy and when I am better I stop taking the pill or going for therapy. 

This kind if thinking unfortunately does not properly categorize Chiropractic and give it it’s proper place in your life.  Chiropractic is not the treatment of a disease or set of symptoms but is the correction of spine and nerve interference to normalize and optimize human health and function.  Chiropractors correct spinal SUBLUXATIONS which interfere with nerve function and the body’s self-healing and self-regulating capacity.  This distinction is crucial as it clears up many misconceptions about Chiropractic, including how long one should see a Chiropractor. 

A person should see a Chiropractor so long as he/she has subluxations!  In reality however most of us don’t know when our spine is subluxated so we can choose to see a Chiropractor for regular check-ups throughout our lifetime.  Now what often sends people initially to a Chiropractor is some sort of pain, symptom or health problem.  The Chiropractor completes a thorough spinal exam and an initial recommendation for corrective care is given to help the individual overcome the cause of their problem.  When the patient is doing well and their spine is comparatively healthy, Chiropractors recommend wellness care to continue the process of regular checkups and keep the spine free of subluxation.  People sometimes ask me, “Doc, what are my adjustments doing for me now that I’m out of pain and feeling better?”  I’d like to share with you one amazing scientific study that proves how Chiropractic care keeps your whole body healthy beyond the symptom phase.

A study completed in 2005 looked at how thiol levels in the blood (the higher the thiol level the better the body is repairing DNA and staying healthy) vary with patients at various stages of Chiropractic care.  It was found that in patients who began Chiropractic care with health problems related to subluxation, two years of regular care was required for return to normal thiol levels.  Thiol levels were found to be highest (healthiest) in patients who had been under care for anywhere from one to six years!  So we know that Chiropractic Wellness care has a tremendous effect on an individual’s health and wellbeing, well past the initial symptom relief phase of care.  This combined with research showing the need to keep the spine subluxation free to avoid spinal decay are  major reasons why you should consider lifetime Chiropractic care for yourself and your family.  I personally get checked and adjusted once per week to keep my body functioning optimally despite not having any spine or health problems for many years. 


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