What State Are You In?

A human being can exist physiologically in two states:


IN ALIGNMENT means to have one’s spine and nerve system in proper order allowing electricity and information to flow from brain to body and body to brain to allow for health and healing.

the SUBLUXATED state occurs when the spine and nerve system are out of alignment causing interference with proper function of the muscular and organ systems of the body leading to an individual that is unable to adapt to the stresses of life.  What this means is that when you are SUBLUXATED your ability to think, respond, move, exercise, digest, rest, fight off illness and feel good is compromised.

The specific Chiropractic adjustment you receive in this office takes you from a SUBLUXATED state to a state of ALIGNMENT, where your body can function properly and efficiently leading to a better you!

There exists another state of subluxation – not found in the spine but in the mind.  This SUBLUXATED state interferes with one’s hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals, life and health as well.  The most important thing one can learn in life is how to correct the mental state of SUBLUXATION and to allow for mental ALIGNMENT.  When you are in ALIGNMMENT physically and mentally you can experience wonderful, abundant and joyful physical and mental wellbeing.

On Monday March 3rd at 6:30PM at Clearview Chiropractic, join us as Dr. Pete will introduce the concept of mental alignment and how you can identify your mental subluxations that are holding you back from the life you desire.  This evening will be no charge to patients of Clearview Chiropractic and their guests. We ask that you please sign up for this event at the front desk and indicate the number of guests you will be bringing.  We look forward to continuing to keep you in ALIGNMENT, physically and mentally!

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