Stay Cool with Chiropractic!

It’s been very hot over the past week for those of us living in southern Ontario.  As the temperature outside soars, did you know that your body temperature stays pretty much consistent at 37 degrees Celsius?  This is a very good thing because if your internal body temperature rose as the temperature outside of you rose, your body would soon malfunction and eventually shut down.  You see the human body and it’s internal chemical reactions are designed to occur optimally at about 37 degrees.  So the question I’d like to ask yourself is exactly how does your body keep a consistent internal temperature as the temperature of your environment rises and falls? The answer is your body temperature is regulated by your nerve system!

As nerve sensors in your body detect changes in the environmental temperature around you, your brain signals body systems that either warm you (by for example directing blood flow to your core and generating heat through shivering) or cool you (by assisting heat loss through evaporation of sweat on your skin).  So your entire ability to survive on a planet with fluctuating temperatures is due to your amazing nerve system!

One of the most critical parts of your nerve system, your spinal cord, runs through your spine.  When your spine is out of alignment it can interfere with the nerve signals travelling through your spinal cord and limit the ability of your body to regulate it’s function (including heating and cooling).  Misalignment of the spine with nerve interference is known as vertebral subluxation complex.  The one professional who is dedicated to keeping your spine in alignment is the chiropractor. Chiropractic is about so much more than aches and pains; it is about keeping the function of your nerve system optimized so that your body can function normally.  Please understand that you really don’t know if you have vertebral subluxation complex by whether or not your have symptoms.  The only way to know is to be checked by a chiropractor.  It’s also vital to understand that the best time to start with chiropractic check-ups is shortly after birth and continuing through childhood and adolescence to ensure healthy development of the spine and nerve system.

So try to stay cool this summer and appreciate that your body is keeping cool thanks to your amazing nerve system!

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