Are you strong or weak on the inside?

A few weeks ago those of us in Southern Ontario experienced a pretty nasty ice storm which caused property damage and power outages that made the holidays even more stressful than usual!  My son Christopher and I were out for a drive the next day and had the opportunity to survey the damage.  We noticed that some trees and tree branches had snapped and fallen while other similar looking trees in the same area were holding strong under the weight of the ice.  I’m sure that if you and I looked at these trees before the storm we’d have no way of knowing which ones were actually weak in their inner structure and were likely to fail under the stress of the ice.  I think this is the exact situation with the people in our community with regards to health status.  We can’t tell by simply looking at a person from the outside who feels “okay” how well their body is functioning inside and know if they harbor an inner weakness that makes them susceptible to sickness and injury under stress.

Fortunately the profession of chiropractic has the technology and expertise to discover which people who while they may look and feel fine are actually living with an inner weakness called vertebral subluxation complex, or subluxation for short.  Subluxation refers to spinal vertebrae out of alignment which are interfering with brain, spinal cord and nerve function to the degree that one’s organ and muscular system function is weakened.  Now if we take a person who is living with subluxation and we subject them to increased stress, be it more job responsibility, a busier family life, an intense workout schedule etc. then this may result in dysfunction and even failure in the areas of their body deprived of normal nerve supply.  When the illness or injury occurs it may be a surprise to the individual but we’d have been able to predict this if we’d first known that they were living with subluxation causing nerve system interference.  Fortunately none of us need live in fear of this inner weakness as we all have the opportunity to be checked for subluxation by our chiropractor.  Doctors of chiropractic are the only trained and licensed professionals capable of correcting subluxations.  As you have your subluxations corrected and get checked regularly you have the incredible opportunity to be one of the first group of human beings in all of history to live subluxation-free, which means your body will be working at it’s full potential in terms of being injury and illness resistant!  I can’t stress enough that the only way to know if you have subluxation is to be checked regularly by a chiropractor – pain or symptoms always come after the subluxation and not before.  Start 2014 right – get checked for subluxation today!

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