Symptom Changes and Healing under Chiropractic Care

There are a few things to be aware of when you begin getting adjusted that will help you move with ease into better health.  Firstly, if you have been living with subluxation and the damaging effects of nerve system interference for years it’s not uncommon to have some ups and downs in the first few weeks or months of your care.  Remember that although unhealthy, your body is used to being subluxated and in the beginning of care you will only hold your adjustment for a few hours to a few days.  That is like having intermitting bursts of power flowing through your nerve system and then having the flow blocked again.  For example, suppose you have numbness and weakness of your arm due to uncorrected neck subluxation.  You may notice after your adjustment that there is relief of the numbness/tingling as well as improved strength as the nerve signals from your brain to arm are restored.  In a few hours or a day however as your subluxation returns your symptoms return.  You may even feel a bit worse at these times, because you had a break from the discomfort and are no longer used to feeling bad which so often occurs when a person has been suffering for a long time.  It’s also important to realize at this stage WHY your adjustment schedule is three times per week: in order for us to consistently get the pressure off your nerve system and allow your spine to begin to correct we need to adjust you every few days, so it’s vital that you keep your scheduled visits to maintain progress.  As you continue to get adjusted your symptoms gradually improve (i.e. less intense and more infrequent) as you begin to hold your adjustment longer.  This pattern of on-off symptoms is one possibility however there are other patterns that can occur.  In some cases the symptoms gradually ease over time as your body heals.  In some cases the symptoms hardly change at all for a few weeks or months because there is so much damage in the tissues that they need more time to begin healing.  Symptoms patterns can also change (i.e. instead of feeling numbness you may feel heat, or other types of discomfort) or feel things in different locations.  I have also seen patients whose bodies need to activate fever or other mechanisms to move the healing process along.  Remember your body uses fever to help clear out bacteria, viruses, pre-cancerous cells AND fever allows your immune system cells an ideal operating temperature.  Again, if there is a lot of healing to do in your case there may be some unusual symptoms in this early part of your care.  Finally, there are some people whose symptoms seem to vanish after their first few adjustments and although we’d love this for all of you we can’t promise it because every body is different.  If this does happen to you it’s still just as important to continue with your required adjustment schedule to correct your subluxations and allow you to have the healthy future you desire.  It’s all worth it of course because the end result is a better, stronger body receiving full power from your brain!  If you have any questions about how you are feeling please ask and please share this article with others to help them better understand the healing process under chiropractic care!

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