Have you taken into account…GRAVITY?

Okay think back to high school physics…don’t try too hard 🙂 but realize that there is a force that is always acting on us and affecting our body and it is called…GRAVITY!  Gravity is the force that keeps us from floating off planet earth by exerting a downward stress on our bodies.  We can’t really feel gravity acting on us but when we are standing or sitting (waking hours for most of us) gravity is compressing our spine and putting pressure on our spinal bones and discs.  This can cause vertebral subluxations (spine out of alignment interfering brain to body communication) in two ways.  Gravity acting through our head and neck WILL over time cause abnormal spinal postures leading (i.e. loss of cervical lordosis) and poor health.  If you are already subluxated then gravity is actually locking and worsening your subluxations, leading to early degeneration, decay and loss of health.  Not a good situation but we are stuck with it so let’s do what we can to minimize the negative effects!  How can we do that you ask?  By keeping our spine moving!  A specific chiropractic adjustment UNLOCKS a subluxation restoring normal alignment and motion to the spine.  This procedure done regularly will help minimize spinal decay due to gravity.  The improvement in nerve flow which occurs when your subluxation is adjusted will also normalize muscle activity thereby preventing joint damage due to chronically tight soft tissues.  This is one way to avoid spine, hip, knee and shoulder problems that often show up as people age – we are not aware that as the years go by tight muscles due to nerve interference are putting abnormally high stresses through our joints causing them to wear out. Getting adjusted regularly to stay subluxation-free could save many from joint replacement surgeries that are so common.  Another thing I tell my patients to do to in this area is to take 20 minutes or more each day to lie down to get a break from the compression on the spine due to gravity.  Many cultures take advantage of an afternoon “siesta” and we are now beginning to understand the health benefits of this from a scientific point of view.  In fact it used to be a common practice for chiropractors to have their patients lie down and rest following an adjustment for 20 minutes to several hours!  This was routinely done during the 1930’s-50’s but has since been abandoned not for health reasons but likely due to the increasingly hectic pace of life and demands on our time.  If it is possible for you it would be a wonderful idea to go home after your adjustment and lie down and rest for a while to allow your nerve system to process and make corrections as needed.  If you can’t do so then taking 15-20 minutes at another time of the day where you lie down, relax and breathe deeply will be very beneficial in helping maintain your alignment.  I hope this article has you thinking more about what your body is dealing with every day and how your care is an investment that will reward you with positive health and wellbeing for man years to come!

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