Theory vs. Truth

I meet a lot of people with a lot of ideas.  It seems that everybody has pet theories on what to eat or not eat, what to drink or not drink, how to exercise or what exercises to avoid, and what therapies are right for certain conditions.  The reality is that with each theory on the “right way” to live there exists conflicting data.  Some which supports a claim, some which refutes it.  So when patients ask me, “Dr. Pete should I follow this or that diet, workout plan, etc…” I usually say “if it seems like a good idea to you then do it”.  But I actually like to stay out of the discussion and debates of what is good or bad.

More and more I like to live in the realm of TRUTH.  Truth differs from theory in that truth is self-evident.  Truth requires little explanation (i.e. a child can grasp it easily).  With truth if one is honest you will find no evidence to the contrary.  Many years ago I was introduced to the TRUTH of Chiropractic.  It goes as follows:

Truth #1: All the functions in a human being are controlled and co-ordinated by communication between the brain and body via the nerve system.  Our nerve systems control our bodies and make us who we are.

Truth #2: Interference to communication in the nerve system disrupts function in the body.  This is never a good thing whether it is noticed by a person or not.  When that interference to nerve function is found in the spine it is called a SUBLUXATION.

Truth #3: A specific and appropriate chiropractic adjustment corrects a subluxation improving brain-body communication and body function.  YOU ARE ALWAYS BETTER OFF LIVING WITHOUT SUBLUXATION!


I look forward to helping you and your family live subluxation-free and super healthy in 2015!

Dr. Pete

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