What Makes Chiropractic Unique?

We are fortunate to live in a time where there are many healthcare approaches and choices  to choose from.  It wasn’t long ago that the only options people felt they had were medicine or surgery  to get and stay well.  Today there are medical doctors, naturopaths, traditional chinese medicine doctors, ayurvedic doctors, physical therapists, self-professed energy healers and more.  There are also a wide variety of approaches to diet, exercise and lifestyle with proponents of weight training, running, intermittent fasting, paleolithic style diet etc.  If you aren’t sure of the variety just check out the health and wellbeing section of your local Chapters or Indigo; the choices are immense!

What I want to share with you in this blog post is how Chiropractic is unique and stands apart from almost all other approaches in health care, fitness and lifestyle.  Almost every approach views the body as a self-contained chemical vessel, limited by what we do, what we eat, and our genes.  So all of the common approaches that view the body this way usually categorize health problems in terms of a missing ingredient to your chemical makeup OR a culprit that you ingest or are exposed to that makes you sick.  Popular culprits today include gluten, trans-fats and sugar.  Popular missing ingredients today include essential fatty acids, raw foods and probiotics.  I want to make it clear that I am not disputing the above claims but I do think it’s important to point out that looking at the body from the limited chemical approach is only a part of the big picture of human health and wellbeing.  You need only take a look around at your friends and family and see that some people are following all of the (current) rules and are thriving and some are following none of the rules and are doing great!  This is where Chiropractic comes in and brings the missing piece of the health and well-being picture.

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that you and I are more than a self-contained bag of chemicals.  Chiropractic has spiritual roots that acknowledges that you are a being connected to Universal Intelligence, or God, and the fact that you now inhabit a body does not disconnect you from your source!  As the well-known author Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it, “you are a spiritual being having a physical experience”.  So your body has not only it’s on hand chemical and genetic resources available but is also connected to powerful and creative universal forces which are it’s disposal 24/7.  The job of these universal forces is one thing: ADAPTATION.  Adaptation simply means allowing your body to function under a variety of conditions.  So spiritual forces are constantly at work in you and are aware of what you and your body needs and the cells of your body are receiving constant and continual signals from their source to allow them to adapt to what is happening inside and around your body.  This relationship your body has with source is what allows it to adapt well to heat, cold, exercise and all manner of food and drink.  This explains why when you are well-connected to your spiritual source your body can adapt to your particular diet, exercise regimen and environmental conditions.  I would acknowledge that it may be harder for your body to adapt to excessive sugar, fat, alcohol, gluten, lack of movement etc. but nonetheless when your body is receiving feedback from it’s source it is adapting!

Chiropractic also recognizes that the part of the physical body that serves as the interface between spirit and matter is the brain, spinal cord and nerves: the human nerve system. When physical, chemical or mental stresses overload your body subluxation (misalignment) of spinal vertebrae can occur.  Subluxation, by interfering with nerve system function can interfere with the ability of universal intelligence to adapt the cells of your body to it’s current conditions, a state known as dis-ease.  Living in a prolonged state of dis-ease will eventually mean that you will become ill and lose your well-being.  The chiropractic adjustment is the one intervention designed to help reconnect and recalibrate your body to it’s non-physical healing source.  You’ll notice that it does not involve putting any food, vitamin or chemical into the body nor does it entail removing any of these items from the body.  Chiropractic recognizes the innate healing power of a body connected to it’s spiritual source and it’s goal is to allow full connection between you in the physical and you in the spiritual!  This explains the common experience after a chiropractic adjustment of feelings of ease and well-being on more than just a physical level.  There are also many scientific findings demonstrating how chiropractic care helps restore abnormal physiology to proper function.  But it is so important to realize how chiropractic stands out from the healthcare crowd.  Hope this helps your understanding and appreciation of the wonders of chiropractic!

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