What’s better after a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a life changing experience.  It can put you on a different and improved path physically, emotionally and even spiritually.  With this week’s blog I thought I’d review just a few ways that your life gets better after a chiropractic adjustment:

Your Brain Functions Better  It’s a comment I hear so often after I adjust a patient: “thank you Dr. Pete, I feel so much lighter, clearer, like pressure has been released”.  A likely mechanism for the feeling of clear headedness after an adjustment is due to the fact that spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxation complex or VSC) in the neck can impair blood flow to the brain according to a 2012 study.  This understanding is not new as it was studied in the 1980’s by medical researchers who concluded that decreased brain blood flow due to spinal misalignment is so common that it is considered normal.  Correction of nerve pressure in the neck with chiropractic adjustments can also put a stop to headaches and migraines.

Decreased Systemic Inflammation  One of the hottest concepts in health care today is chronic systemic inflammation.  It has been implicated in numerous diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  A 2009 study showed a decrease in inflammatory markers interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in individuals with elevated levels after just nine chiropractic adjustments!

Decreased Blood Pressure  Nerve system interference from vertebral subluxation can interfere with proper co-ordination of organ system function.  Chiropractic neck adjustments to correct nerve interference have been shown to decrease diastolic blood pressure.

Flexibility is Improved  A 1998 study showed that upper neck adjustments significantly improve hip flexibility.  Chiropractic adjustments also break up scar tissue in joints and restore normal movement to the spine.

Parents Can Sleep Better  I know this one sounds strange but spinal misalignments are a common cause of infantile colic.  Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments help resolve infant colic (i.e. crying behavior) which means new parents can relax and get much needed rest!

Improved Breathing  A 2012 study showed that chiropractic adjustments improve many respiratory diseases in children.  This one is personal for me as my wife was able to completely heal from asthma through chiropractic adjustments.

Better Balance and Co-ordination  A chiropractic adjustment removes interference in brain-body communication.  Then your brain can accurately receive and relay information to your muscles to help improve your posture and balance.  There is some evidence to suggest that chiropractic adjustments may play a role in helping prevent falls and improve stability.

Improved Strength  A chiropractic adjustment can cause an immediate increase in strength because it re-establishes full nerve signal from muscle to brain and brain to muscle.  Several studies have demonstrated strength improvements after chiropractic adjustments which can help make your workouts, chores and athletic skills better!

Improved Immune System Function  A landmark 1994 study showed that upper neck chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxation caused a 48% increase in the immune system cell counts of HIV positive individuals.  I’ve experienced as have so many of my patients a dramatic decreased in the number of colds/flu when under regular chiropractic care.

To fully appreciate how you are better after a chiropractic adjustment you need to experience one.  Get yours today!

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